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Your Easy-to-implement A-Z Traffic Generation Guide

Discover How to generate Instant & Long-Term Traffic Using a Systematic Approach & Essential Strategies, Platforms and A-Z Guides for optimized Ads, SEO and Viral Traffic.


"Alex's knowledge of all things 'digital marketing' is vast. Knowledge is one thing, disseminating it in an effective way so that clients gain a genuine understanding of 'cause and effect' is another thing all together. Alex brings both of these attributes together through his range of online support programs like Total Website Blueprint which offers step by step guides. He can teach you the tricks of the trade so you can develop a profitable online presence. Loads of experience, passionate about all things digital... this is a guy worth contacting if you're hungry to succeed!"

John Bell
Marketing Expert

"Alex is one of the most talented web and online partners I've ever worked with. His work is stellar, his strategies are effective, and his work ethic highly reliable."

Teri Cavanagh
Marketing Director

"One of the biggest traits of Alex that sets him apart, is that he is a consultant and not an order taker. He does not show up and say "So what do you want?" He asks "What is it that we are trying to achieve?" and then gives you ideas and solutions."

Eric Melo
Marketing Manager


Changing the way you view traffic online is step #1 to improving your results for increased leads, revenue and profit. In this crash course intro module I'll show you how to think get a baseline for your website to set the ideal foundation for traffic including SEO.



What's in the Course?

We'll guide you from gathering a baseline, to optimizing your website, setting goals and generating instant & long-term traffic for your website.

How to Appraise Your Website

How to gather your baseline using free, industry-preferred tools online. This is an essential step-1 in your goal for traffic success.

Targeting Traffic

How to go about networking online and targeting interested, eager visitors for your site to ensure higher % conversions from day one.

Search Engine Optimization

From the server type to use, to optimizing your on site performance, we show you how to gear your site for success with a rock solid foundation (no tech experience required).

Website Security

It may seem left-field but it's incredibly important to secure your website. A hacked site will get noticed by Search Engines for all the wrong reasons. 

Niche Traffic Concepts

Insider techniques for generating viral, targeted traffic and engaging with new prospects on multiple platforms online.

PPC Advertising

Discover how to set up, manage and optimize multi-platform PPC advertising including Facebook, Google, Youtube and LinkedIn.


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