Everyone has a unique journey in business. My objective with all of my training is to expedite your success and impact in your market by leveraging my 15+ years  in marketing and business across hundreds of niches and industries for clients around the globe.

From lean startup, pre-launch strategy, post launch marketing platforms, strategies and campaigns, as well as the guidance to choose the correct, cutting-edge platforms that can work for your business, you'll discover the training and coaching support you need to succeed.


I'm Alex Fleck


I built my marketing agency, Zenith Online Marketing, between my hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland (2007), Colorado, USA (2013) and then in Pennsylvania (2016) and have worked on hundreds of successful client websites and marketing campaigns for client industries as wide reaching as photography, personal training, coaching, industrial, healthcare, legal, skincare, vacation rentals, travel, watch/jewelry stores and many, many more.

In doing this over such a long period of time, I started to realize that success was only really predicated on having the right framework or system, to hand. It didn't always require extensive experience, knowledge or skill, nor money. However, the problem was... no one had this "framework", it wasn't formulated or distilled down into actionable methods yet.

So, in 2013, I set about doing just that, creating a framework and system for business owners, marketing professionals, solopreneurs and teams, to truly succeed in online marketing. 

That framework became "Total Online Blueprint", and in 2022 I'll be reopening enrollment for the first time in 3 YEARS.

It's been fully updated and revamped with new modules and trainings on cutting edge strategies and latest platforms and now including businesses like coaching, subscription box businesses, e-commerce, as well as multiple platforms.

You will also get direct access to myself and my team, as well as the community, to support you in your journey and to ensure success and eradicate overwhelm; the only place you can do this without direct consulting at $200 per hour.

While you're waiting on the relaunch of Total Online Blueprint, grab a free copy of my Strategic Systematic Deployment framework, below

Save Time & Money

Stop the guess work and steep learning curves, eliminate bottlenecks and costly agencies. 

Eliminate Overwhelm

Eradicate the very real risk of giving up due to overwhelm and stress. The framework and support is here.

Invest Smarter

Instead of paying $10,000's to outsource marketing, do it yourself with the correct guidance and frameworks.

Free Gift

Enjoy this free download of "Strategic Systematic Deployment", the framework outline that we use to create strategies and action sequences in online marketing. Get ready for the new enrollment of Total Online Blueprint (August 2022).