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There are 3 x very specific groups for which this training was created...

Total Beginners

You're just starting out in online marketing and want a singular system to teach you everything you really need to know, fast and without the need for any prior experience, programming skills or a requirement to pay a coder a ton of money. You're in the right place.


Business Owners / Teams

You own a business or manage the marketing for one and you need to see what's working today for successful businesses around the world, in a single place on the web. Total Online Blueprint is the ideal place for you to excel in online marketing at all stages.


New Consultants

You see the potential to make serious money in the online marketing sphere and want to get started, but don't yet have the knowledge base to advise others on their strategy. Total Online Blueprint shows you the strategies that are working in our own agency, TODAY.


The Most Powerful Way to Plan and Execute Successful Online Marketing Strategies (w/ No Prior Experience)

You Are Just Moments Away from Gaining Access to EVERYTHING You Need to drive success in your online marketing efforts from day ONE...

The "Primer"

Alex's 5 Pillars of Online Marketing, unlocked, explained & laid out to follow in an actionable roadmap for beginners

UX/UI & Conversion

The latest, proven strategies to achieve greatness with unparalleled engagement & conversion rates

Wordpress Websites

Discover the truth about Wordpress & the only themes & resources you'll ever need (includes full training)

Funnel Creation

The tools, platforms & step-by-step planning to create efficient funnels to generate leads on autopilot

Traffic Generation

From SEO tools, strategy, online advertising and more, I'll show you how to target & grow huge leads


Learn all you need to know to sell your products or services online. Platforms, features, strategies & analytics; the works

Website Security

An incredibly important aspect in this era, I'll show you how to secure your websites against hacks


How to measure, interpret & refine ALL of your online marketing systems & processes for long-term success

"Alex is one of the most talented web and online partners I've ever worked with. His work is stellar, his strategies are effective, and his work ethic highly reliable."

Teri Cavanagh
Cobb Marketing

"Alex's knowledge of all things 'online marketing' is vast. Knowledge is one thing, disseminating it in an effective way so that clients gain a genuine understanding of 'cause and effect' is another thing all together. Alex brings both of these attributes together through his range of online support programs like Total Online Blueprint which offers step by step guides. He can teach you the tricks of the trade so you can develop a profitable online presence. Loads of experience, passionate about all things digital... this is a guy worth contacting if you're hungry to succeed!"

John Bell
Smart Business Show

"As a born hustler I find it hard to relate to anyone who doesn’t share the same drive and work ethic. People who don’t work weekends are like aliens to me. Alex Fleck and I hit it off the first time we started working together online because we’re cut from the same cloth and he understood what I needed when I hired him. In other words, he hustles. Alex put just as much time and effort into making my site perfect and finding answers for my company as I do. I trust him with my business and he's always there for me on weekends, holidays, and even when sick. He knows his stuff and always delivers. On top of all that Alex is one hell of a stand up guy."

Jason Ferruggia
Renegade Strength Club

Curriculum & Resources


  1. Primer - Alex's Unique "Pillars of Online Marketing"
  2. UI/UX & Conversion Strategy - Key Protocols & Explainers
  3. Domains, Hosting & Wordpress Sites - Entire Setup Walkthroughs
  4. E-Commerce Websites - How to set up & manage all facets
  5. Traffic Generation - Overview, Strategies & Resources
  6. Online Marketing Funnels - Overview, Strategies & Resources
  7. Website Security - Overview, Key Protocols & Resources
  8. Social Media - Setup & Theory For Communicating Your Brand
  9. Analytics - Overview, Interpretation Training & Platforms
  10. Resources - Reviews & Walkthroughs For All Recommended Resources



  1. Bonus #1 - Personal virtual coaching with Alex (All Attendees) --> Value $6000
  2. Bonus #2 - FREE Resource Library - icons, optins, logos (.psd files) --> Value $200
  3. Bonus #3 - Complete Wordpress Training (20 Videos) --> Value $250 p/yr
  4. Bonus #4 - WooCommerce Training (22 Videos)
  5. Bonus #5 - SEO Software Training (13 Videos)
  6. Bonus #6 - Jetpack Functionality Training (35 Videos)
  7. Bonus #7 - Monthly Coaching with Alex (Value $3600 - Advanced attendees only)
  8. Bonus #8 - Access to the Private Facebook Page & Workplace Support


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Full Access to Total Online Blueprint 

Online Coaching With Alex

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Got Questions? I've Got Answers! Can't wait to meet you on the inside.

1. Who Is The Course For?

Total Online Blueprint has been designed for beginner online marketing students, entrepreneurs, web-masters, teams, marketers and consultants to lay out an actionable roadmap of strategies that we use in our agency, today, which will evaporate the overwhelm that so often surrounds online marketing and give you only the best, most pertinent information, strategies and resources available today. If the whole concept confuses you, you're new to the online marketing, or are a marketing manager or entrepreneur seeking to maximize efficiency and obliterate wasted time, you have come to the right place.

2. What Will I Have By The End Of The Course?

You'll get an unequalled foundation in the concepts, strategies and platforms used by the best teams in the world to achieve frightening level of success in online marketing. In addition, Total Online Blueprint will soon be a certificated course, and by enrolling today you get lifetime updates to new strategies and lessons as we release them, as well as the opportunity to gain the certificate via testing when the facility is launch in 2018. 

3. How Long Will It Take?

Total Online Blueprint is a 5-week, intensive course consisting of 50+ Videos and multiple resource downloads across website creation, traffic & conversion, e-Commerce and strategy. Each week new modules and lessons will be released, which are designed to best progress your knowledge levels and skill-set without inducing overwhelm. You can learn at your own pace and re-watch lessons as many times as you like. The enrollment is not just for the course however - you get lifetime updates, new training each and every month as well as a growing library of resources, workbooks & articles based on the latest best practices and emerging technologies in the industry.

4. What Do I Need To Get Started?

All you need is a laptop/internet connected device and Wi-Fi. Any software I recommend throughout the course will be linked to, and often these will be available as free trials or inexpensive one-time purchases. 

5. What Support Will I Get?

Alex provides support via the chat and commenting mechanisms on the training site, or alternatively within the private Facebook Group for TOB. In this way you can engage with the community and see his answers to others’ questions as well as your own, or have purely personal support via chat. In this way the information around the course is always growing in depth and you’ll develop a keen sense of adaptability when dealing with online marketing.

6. Where Can I Study?

As an online course, you can study in your own time and at your own pace from anywhere in the world; all you need is a laptop and Wi-Fi. The videos are all HD and available to stream at any time of the day or night, 365 days a year.


7. Is This a Wordpress-only Course?

No. While Module 2 deals exclusively with how to build and market Wordpress websites (because by default this is going to be the best platform for you to easily manage content, support your SEO practices etc.), and Module 4 has a Wordpress e-Comm segment, we discuss and walkthrough a range of other systems such as Kajabi, ClickFunnels, Shopify, with which you can build fully-fledged websites depending on your specific situation, needs and objectives. Additionally, the strategies outlined throughout the course are not Wordpress-specific, they deal with core online marketing strategies which are overarching strategies, not reliant on platforms. Concepts such as UX, UI, Conversion, Funnels, Email Marketing and more are explained in detail and shown in actionable strategies and best-practice platforms for the modern age of online marketing.


8. What if I don't LOVE the course?

If, for any reason under the sun you do not love, adore and cherish the training in Total Online Blueprint, we offer a no-questions-asked 30-day money-back guarantee. I don't want anyone feeling they've invested heavily in a course that doesn't match, and actually hugely exceed their level of expectation or get them the results they desire, beyond what they thought was previously achievable. In light of that, I offer a full 30 day, 100% money-back guarantee. If you don't LOVE the training and feel you get your investment back in training (and a whole lot more on top), just email support and we'll refund you 100% of the course fee, no questions asked.


9. What is "*Lifetime" Access & How long will I have Access to the Course?

You'll get access to the course, and its' updated content and resources, for as long as it exists, so for the lifetime of the course, including any new lessons, support and platforms that emerge in the world of online marketing. So, not only do you get access to all launch-level training, but you'll be able to continually learn newer strategies as they are implemented, tested and found to be highly successful, within our own online marketing firm for clients in every niche and industry imaginable around the globe. We don't know of ANY course in online marketing that offers that level of value or sheer volume of training for free, on top of what you invest in for the base 5-week course!


10. I'm an Experienced Entrepreneur/Business Owner - Can my Team Take the Course and Can I Have Multiple Logins?

Yes! Simple buy an initial license for the course at full price (whatever that is at any given time, but normally for $1997) and then visit the following link for further member licenses at a VASTLY reduced price of $99 per member - Additional Member Licenses

Total Online Blueprint's A-Z Roadmap to Online Success Will Give You the Tools, Strategies & Skills to Succeed From Day 1


What Total Online Blueprint Offers

Glad you asked... Just some of the unique key features of Total Online Blueprint and why it's the most complete online marketing training system available today

24/7/365 Online Access, For Life 

Get lifetime access to the entire Total Online Blueprint Experience with over 50+ videos, downloads, reviews & resources; a 9-module training of in-depth information on the key pillars, platforms and strategies to help you succeed in online marketing. Learn how to set up, launch and optimize key online marketing strategies and automate all processes for ultimate efficiency, in the comfort of your own home.

You'll also get ongoing updates pushed to the platform with new video training, downloads, walkthroughs and test reports, at no added charge.

Platforms & Resources

One of the key elements to ensuring success in online marketing is to use the right strategies driven through the correct platforms.

With so many choices online for creating mechanisms like websites, funnels, email campaigns, analytics management, UX/UI, we want you to avoid the overwhelm and be able to confidently navigate each component of o-marketing with ease from day one.

That's why we lay out and walkthrough all the platforms you should be using (the same ones we use in the agency every day).

Personal Coaching & Support

Perhaps the biggest bonus you receive as a member of Total Online Blueprint is instant access to Alex Fleck, the agency head of Zenith Online Marketing and your coach in this training.

If you find yourself with questions about even the specific-to-your-situation aspect of online marketing, go to the online chat, email ticketing or commenting area on the lesson and we will get right back to you and help you through. 


A Career Distilled Down into an Actionable Roadmap 

With a history in the online marketing industry spanning a full decade, Alex has seen, influenced and actioned a lot of change in this industry over the years. 

With Total Online Blueprint he has created the right product at the right time to provide a simple-to-follow, but impactful and step-by-step roadmap to online success, regardless of your experience or technical abilities.

"There was a time when this wouldn't have been possible, like when I started in the industry 10 years ago, with no experience and even less resources (think - no apps to automate a marketing funnel, no optimized website builders, no real online advertising aside from Google).

However, recent updates in software, automations and apps mean the time is right to be able to build and market effective strategies with the right framework behind you. With Total Online Blueprint, I have created just that. You're going to love it"

To Your Success


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