Your business needs a marketing system that you can win BIG with.

My step-by-step roadmaps will help you take control of your digital marketing and
create the success you’ve been dreaming of - based on tested and true systems & strategies.



Actionable Frameworks

Strategies are useless if they are not implementable; my frameworks are step-by-step and sequenced for enhanced achievability.

Proven Strategies

I won't recommend what I have not tested on my own businesses or those of clients globally; cutting-edge concepts you can implement and gain true success with, today.

Lifetime Updates

As a member of my courses you'll receive lifetime access, all updates and free training sessions on new strategies.

What people say

Alex's strategies work and don't require any special experience or skills. The roadmaps are designed for entrepreneurs with a need for conversion-ready techniques and strategies that hit the ground running.

Thomas Ansu of The Burn Box

Thomas Ansu

"I'm a beyond satisfied with Alex. I was able to completely revamp my website, and implement strategies that increased conversions. I Highly Recommend!"

Becky Wigymeir

"I felt like Alex actually cared. Alex is generous with sharing his expertise and experience. He really knows his stuff - what works and what doesn’t. I feel pretty smart now."

New Marketing Roadmaps (Feb 2023)

Take control of your marketing with these incredible courses and mastermind programs.


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V2.0 LAUNCHING 01/04/23 - Lock in V1 pricing before 31st March!

Alex's latest course is a journey into the subscription-first platform, Subbly, revealing the hacks, tips, tricks and strategies to fully leverage the power of this system to launch, grow and scale your subscription-first e-Commerce business.



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I'm Alex Fleck

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Psychology, I started on a path into marketing, eventually building my own agency in 2007. That agency now services clients in hundreds of niches globally, including other agencies that contract us to perform marketing projects for their clients.

It's a specialism I've built over the last 15yrs; the ability to take any niche or industry, create a marketing structure for it, and achieve mind-blowing success for my clients. 


"Alex is one of the best online partners I’ve ever worked with. His work is stellar, his strategies are effective and his work ethic highly reliable"

- Teri Cavanagh

Agency Owner

"I have been very fortunate to be able to partner with Alex on numerous projects this year, and I am already preparing to send him new projects as I write this review. Thank you, Alex and team, for amazing results and a great partnership!"

- Jake Weber

Agency Project Manager, PA

"When our current website was not producing the desired results, I took the Alex's Total Online Blueprint course just to learn the ins and outs of internet marketing, never contemplating doing a website myself. I learned plenty, enough to make the correct choices and ask the correct questions about website design and optimization"

- Dr Richard Fulton

"So you are thinking of working with Alex Fleck and you want to know what it is like. 
Well the words that pop into my mind are fantastic, awesome, and maybe even totally wicked! 
Alex has completed at least five digital projects for me including user experience, PPC campaigns, and complete website builds. I can honestly say without hesitation that they were all successes. 
One of the biggest traits of Alex that sets him apart, is that he is a consultant and not an order taker. He does not show up and say "So what do you want?" He asks "What is it that we are trying to achieve?" and then gives you ideas and solutions."

- Eric Mello

"Alex's knowledge of all things 'digital marketing' is vast. Knowledge is one thing, disseminating it in an effective way so that clients gain a genuine understanding of 'cause and effect' is another thing all together. Alex brings both of these attributes together through his range of online support programs like Total Online Blueprint which offers step by step guides. He can teach you the tricks of the trade so you can develop a profitable online presence. Loads of experience, passionate about all things digital... this is a guy worth contacting if you're hungry to succeed!"

- John Bell

"We have had the pleasure of working with Alex and his team for the last year or so and have found them to be highly professional, prompt, detail focused and most of all easy to work with. Even with the time differences, work is completed on time and to the highest standard. Having worked with a few other agencies in the past, we were struggling to find someone that simply 'gets it' and finally through Alex, we have found it."

- Richard Liddle

All The Tools You Need To Build A Successful Online Business

Please help yourselves to my free resources here, including the $230k launch case study, "Strategic Systematic Deployment" download and "Subscription Business Action Plan". They're just some of the strategies I deploy for my own businesses and those of clients, globally.